Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th, 2013- Hannah Missry

The final edition of the Fordham Foreign Tour Blog comes to you from Hannah Missry, a freshman guard from Jackson, N.J.  Hannah describes the Rams' final full day in Fiji below.

                                                        Not a bad way to end the trip

Today was a relaxing day. It started off with a run to the beach and a sprint work out on the sand. Sprinting isn't all that bad when you're staring at palm trees. 

After the work out, we had a choice of going to a beach or staying at the hotel and going to the pools. The beach was the most beautiful place in the world and had pools, horse back riding and nice restaurants. 

After the long day we all met up and had a nice meal at a Mexican restaurant.  

Tomorrow is back to New York!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25th, 2013- Danielle Burns

After finishing the competitive part of their foreign tour with a 3-1 record, the Rams have two days to enjoy the tropical paradise of Fiji before heading home.  Freshman Danielle Burns recaps Sunday, when the Rams sailed to Beachcomber Island for a day of fun in the sun.

                                                  The view from the shores of Beachcomber Island

Hello! Today was another unforgettable day here in Fiji. 

It started with an early wake up call to make sure no missed the 9 am boat to the island resort. The boat ride was about thirty minutes long and filled with breathtaking views of the smaller island. Looking out in the water was unreal, I have never seen water that blue before. 

Once we finally reached the island we were greeted by smiling faces and a welcoming song. Our host then seated us to inform us of all the fun activities we could do. There were so many things to chose from. 

A big group of people went snorkeling off the side of the island and saw blue star fish.  The guide said there was an octopus too but sadly no one found it. 

A lot of the girls attempted to hold on for dear life as they rode the banana boat, and even though they were tossed into the ocean numerous times, they really enjoyed the experience.  

Jet skiing, kayaking, and parasailing were other things to do. 

Some opted out of activities and instead take full advantage of their day off by soaking up some sun. 

Everyone enjoyed a delicious barbecue lunch served by the staff. Once everyone was fed, the beach quickly filled up with bodies laying down trying to catch a quick nap. It was only a few hours later when we had to pick up our stuff to head back on the boat. 

The ride back was definitely a rocky one. All the waves were tossing us everywhere making the ride back seem longer than before. But we made it back safe and sound. After washing all the seaweed, salt water, and sand off our bodies, we dressed up for a team dinner to celebrate Taryn's birthday. 

Today was phenomenal and I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24th, 2013- Danielle Padovano

Today's blog comes from Danielle Padovano, a freshman forward who tallied eight points today against the Fijian National Team.  Read all about the Rams' exploits below.

                                     Fordham and the Fijian National Team come together after the welcome ceremony

Bula! It was an amazing moment this morning waking up to the bright sun and warm Fiji air.

Birds chirping, the Rams started our morning with a delicious poolside breakfast before leaving for a customary welcoming ceremony. We took a trip to the opposite side of the island where we were greeted by one of Coach Gaitley's former players, Val, and her teammates from the Fiji Womens National team.

A part of Fiji custom, all women have to wear floor length  skirts provided by our new friends.

The celebration was led by the chief of their village and included participation by the entire Fordham coaching staff. It was so kind and generous of our new Fiji friends to share their culture with us. An experience I will never forget.

The next event for the Rams was a clinic with the youth of a local village. The children were so eager to learn and happy to be spending their time outside with their friends and the Fordham players. Their excitement was tangible and brought smiles to everyone around.

After the clinic, the Rams had to prepare for their game against the Fiji National team on the outdoor court. The team was a physical force but ultimately, the game ended with a Rams win. The game provided many lessons we can take back to Rose Hill as we move forward into preparing for our season.

The day concluded with a Fordham- Fiji dinner that was a very close rival to the Rooney family meal.

We are so lucky to be so loved by everyone surrounding us and are always excited to expand our Fordham family.

We are looking forward to celebrating this amazing trip with each other these last few days which won't be so hard with what the beautiful country of Fiji has to offer us.

I am extremely thankful for this experience and very proud to be a Ram!

Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23rd, 2013- Khadijah Gibson

BULA! After three days on the majestic South Island of New Zealand, the Rams have made it to their final stop on the 2013 Foreign Tour.  Checking in on the blog tonight is sophomore Khadijah Gibson, who tells you about the day that started in Christchurch and is winding down in the tropical paradise of Denaru Island, Fiji.

Unfortunately, we arrived at the resort after dark, so pictures of the scenery will have to wait until tomorrow's installment of the blog.

  After wrapping up the end of a successful New Zealand trip, we sadly said our goodbyes to all of Christchurch and every adventure it had to offer us. As much as I loved the beautiful country, I eagerly packed my bags for what awaited me in Fiji. From being overly excited to arrive in Fiji, the flight seemed like it took forever. Nonetheless when we finally reached our destination I dragged my feet no longer.

Walking off the plane we were greeted by locals who were anxiously chanting “BULA!!!” and singing their welcoming song. We were later given a beaded necklace that was placed around our necks. Everyone boarded the bus and we headed out to the Terrace. Upon arrival we were again greeted by friendly faces and warm welcomes. To end the night we were made a wonderful dinner poolside under the stars of the Fiji sky. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22nd, 2013- Andrew O'Connell

I understand how much you all have come to love daily updates from members of the Fordham Rams on their foreign tour, but due to a rough travel schedule, you Ram Fans are stuck with my musings today.  As the Assistant Sports Information Director assigned to the team, I travel with the girls and am in charge of all media relations and communications for the Rams.  Here’s what we did today.

                                                     The view on the way to Hanmer Springs

With only one more day left in Christchurch, the Fordham Rams certainly made the most of their time.

The morning started off with a workout under the direction of Administrative Assistant James Hett and Director of Operations/CrossFit enthusiast Jenna Cosgrove.  After the Rams completed their conditioning, it was time to start the journey to Hanmer Springs.

Our first stop came as a surprise, as the team was treated to a tour of a family farm.  The family, a friend of the Rooney’s, showed the Rams around the property filled with sheep, lambs and an unbelievable view of the countryside.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hanmer Springs, the journey there is almost as breathtaking as the destination itself.  Traveling an hour and a half to the north of Christchurch, the Rams witnessed some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.  Snow-capped mountains, deep river valleys and meadows with sheep as far as the eye could see littered the roadway to Hanmer Springs.

When we arrived, the thermal springs were certainly worth the trip.  Between the water slides and natural hot tubs, the afternoon was more than we could have asked for.  Following a dinner at a local steakhouse, the Rams traveled back to Christchurch, where one more night awaits them before taking off for Fiji.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21st, 2013- Liz Milner

 Three games on the foreign tour are in the books.  Junior forward Liz Milner recaps the day's highlights below.

                                                        Liz's view from her plane ride over Christchurch.

This morning we had breakfast in the town of Christchurch, and we walked around the town to see the destruction that the recent earthquakes had caused. It was sad to see the area so devastated by the disasters, however, it is evident that the people of Christchurch have stayed optimistic and are working to rebuild the area. 

After breakfast, we took multiple small planes over Christchurch. The pilot let me set the plane for take-off. I had no idea how hard it is to steer a plane during takeoff. The views were amazing, and I have always wanted to learn to fly. Since Taryn and I both helped pilot the planes, we have now completed our introductory flight lessons towards becoming certified pilots!

We had team meal at a good Italian restaurant, and then we drove to the gym for our game. We got to watch two teams play netball before our game started, and then we got to play a fun game in Erin’s home town. It was amazing to see the whole crowd come to watch Erin return to her home! Everyone had a good game, and we met with the other team and had food with them after.

We’re excited for tomorrow, when we’ll head to the Hanmer Hot Springs!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20th, 2013- Abigail Corning

The first leg of the Fordham foreign tour has come to a close, with the Rams departing Melbourne this morning for Christchurch, New Zealand, home to senior Erin Rooney.  Fellow senior Abigail Corning details the events of the day in this edition of the Fordham Foreign Tour Blog.

                                     One of the many breathtaking sights we saw on day one in New Zealand

Our time in Australia came to an end today when we departed early morning for Christchurch, New Zealand.  Everyone knows the feeling of excitement when you are going to see family that you haven’t seen in a while, and that was definitely evident on Erin’s gleaming face.  We flew over the beautiful Southern Alps as we got set to land in Christchurch.  The scenery from the sky was truly beautiful.

It was fun to be greeted by Erin’s parents, sister, and godfather at the airport with a “Welcome Fordham Rams” sign.  We could finally meet and hug the people that we had talked to on Skype for two years now.  The sun was beating down on New Zealand as we headed to the hotel and then on a tour of the area with Erin and her sister, Ceara (our tour guide).  It was sad to see the destruction the earthquake from February 2011 had done to the city, but the land and the mountains were breathtaking.  We drove up a hill and walked to a lookout over the city to take some pictures and then made our way past Governor’s Cove and to the other side of the water to Erin’s house.

Erin lives two minutes from the beach, so of course a few of us had to dip our toes into the Pacific Ocean and walk around on the beach.  By the time we got to Erin’s house dinner was on the table, complete with lamb, ham, beef tenderloin, many different kinds of salads, lasagna, and potatoes.  Second helpings were irresistible.  Then for dessert we had the traditional New Zealand dessert Pavlov a, as well as a rich chocolate mousse and several other choices.  It was such a delicious meal and it was fun to be in Erin’s house, where she was the most comfortable I’ve ever seen her. We are all looking forward to more sightseeing in Christchurch in the days to come.

                                                        The Southern Alps, as seen from Abigail's window seat
                                                                   A look from atop Cashmere Hill in Christchurch