Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20th, 2013- Abigail Corning

The first leg of the Fordham foreign tour has come to a close, with the Rams departing Melbourne this morning for Christchurch, New Zealand, home to senior Erin Rooney.  Fellow senior Abigail Corning details the events of the day in this edition of the Fordham Foreign Tour Blog.

                                     One of the many breathtaking sights we saw on day one in New Zealand

Our time in Australia came to an end today when we departed early morning for Christchurch, New Zealand.  Everyone knows the feeling of excitement when you are going to see family that you haven’t seen in a while, and that was definitely evident on Erin’s gleaming face.  We flew over the beautiful Southern Alps as we got set to land in Christchurch.  The scenery from the sky was truly beautiful.

It was fun to be greeted by Erin’s parents, sister, and godfather at the airport with a “Welcome Fordham Rams” sign.  We could finally meet and hug the people that we had talked to on Skype for two years now.  The sun was beating down on New Zealand as we headed to the hotel and then on a tour of the area with Erin and her sister, Ceara (our tour guide).  It was sad to see the destruction the earthquake from February 2011 had done to the city, but the land and the mountains were breathtaking.  We drove up a hill and walked to a lookout over the city to take some pictures and then made our way past Governor’s Cove and to the other side of the water to Erin’s house.

Erin lives two minutes from the beach, so of course a few of us had to dip our toes into the Pacific Ocean and walk around on the beach.  By the time we got to Erin’s house dinner was on the table, complete with lamb, ham, beef tenderloin, many different kinds of salads, lasagna, and potatoes.  Second helpings were irresistible.  Then for dessert we had the traditional New Zealand dessert Pavlov a, as well as a rich chocolate mousse and several other choices.  It was such a delicious meal and it was fun to be in Erin’s house, where she was the most comfortable I’ve ever seen her. We are all looking forward to more sightseeing in Christchurch in the days to come.

                                                        The Southern Alps, as seen from Abigail's window seat
                                                                   A look from atop Cashmere Hill in Christchurch

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