Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22nd, 2013- Andrew O'Connell

I understand how much you all have come to love daily updates from members of the Fordham Rams on their foreign tour, but due to a rough travel schedule, you Ram Fans are stuck with my musings today.  As the Assistant Sports Information Director assigned to the team, I travel with the girls and am in charge of all media relations and communications for the Rams.  Here’s what we did today.

                                                     The view on the way to Hanmer Springs

With only one more day left in Christchurch, the Fordham Rams certainly made the most of their time.

The morning started off with a workout under the direction of Administrative Assistant James Hett and Director of Operations/CrossFit enthusiast Jenna Cosgrove.  After the Rams completed their conditioning, it was time to start the journey to Hanmer Springs.

Our first stop came as a surprise, as the team was treated to a tour of a family farm.  The family, a friend of the Rooney’s, showed the Rams around the property filled with sheep, lambs and an unbelievable view of the countryside.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hanmer Springs, the journey there is almost as breathtaking as the destination itself.  Traveling an hour and a half to the north of Christchurch, the Rams witnessed some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.  Snow-capped mountains, deep river valleys and meadows with sheep as far as the eye could see littered the roadway to Hanmer Springs.

When we arrived, the thermal springs were certainly worth the trip.  Between the water slides and natural hot tubs, the afternoon was more than we could have asked for.  Following a dinner at a local steakhouse, the Rams traveled back to Christchurch, where one more night awaits them before taking off for Fiji.

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