Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21st, 2013- Liz Milner

 Three games on the foreign tour are in the books.  Junior forward Liz Milner recaps the day's highlights below.

                                                        Liz's view from her plane ride over Christchurch.

This morning we had breakfast in the town of Christchurch, and we walked around the town to see the destruction that the recent earthquakes had caused. It was sad to see the area so devastated by the disasters, however, it is evident that the people of Christchurch have stayed optimistic and are working to rebuild the area. 

After breakfast, we took multiple small planes over Christchurch. The pilot let me set the plane for take-off. I had no idea how hard it is to steer a plane during takeoff. The views were amazing, and I have always wanted to learn to fly. Since Taryn and I both helped pilot the planes, we have now completed our introductory flight lessons towards becoming certified pilots!

We had team meal at a good Italian restaurant, and then we drove to the gym for our game. We got to watch two teams play netball before our game started, and then we got to play a fun game in Erin’s home town. It was amazing to see the whole crowd come to watch Erin return to her home! Everyone had a good game, and we met with the other team and had food with them after.

We’re excited for tomorrow, when we’ll head to the Hanmer Hot Springs!

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