Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23rd, 2013- Khadijah Gibson

BULA! After three days on the majestic South Island of New Zealand, the Rams have made it to their final stop on the 2013 Foreign Tour.  Checking in on the blog tonight is sophomore Khadijah Gibson, who tells you about the day that started in Christchurch and is winding down in the tropical paradise of Denaru Island, Fiji.

Unfortunately, we arrived at the resort after dark, so pictures of the scenery will have to wait until tomorrow's installment of the blog.

  After wrapping up the end of a successful New Zealand trip, we sadly said our goodbyes to all of Christchurch and every adventure it had to offer us. As much as I loved the beautiful country, I eagerly packed my bags for what awaited me in Fiji. From being overly excited to arrive in Fiji, the flight seemed like it took forever. Nonetheless when we finally reached our destination I dragged my feet no longer.

Walking off the plane we were greeted by locals who were anxiously chanting “BULA!!!” and singing their welcoming song. We were later given a beaded necklace that was placed around our necks. Everyone boarded the bus and we headed out to the Terrace. Upon arrival we were again greeted by friendly faces and warm welcomes. To end the night we were made a wonderful dinner poolside under the stars of the Fiji sky. 

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