Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17th, 2013- Mary Nwachukwu

The second edition of the Fordham Foreign Tour Blog comes to you today from Mary Nwachukwu, a graduate student who is about to commence her first year at Rose Hill.  Read what the latest addition to the Rams had to say below.

Nwachukwu (left) with Danielle Burns (Center) and Brianna Jordan (Right) at the Healesville Sanctuary

Today was out first full day in Australia!!

The day started out with a light practice, to prepare for our two games while in Melbourne.

After practice, we showered, ate and headed to the zoo. The zoo was very different in comparison to any zoo I have been to in the states in the sense that you were given the opportunity to interact with the animals. I was able to pet and feed the kangaroos! My team mates were able to pet and interact with pythons and dingos.

After the zoo the girls and I were allotted free time to explore the city and eat on our own. It was a great first day!

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